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Our Pre-Owned or Floor Sample Inventory 

Our Inventory is changing all of the time. Contact us, and we may be able to find it for you in-house or through our large dealer network. 

Herman Miller AO2

HM ao2  glass

Tan With Glass cubicles  54" high cubicles with Several size options available in 6 by 6 or a 6 by 9 

Stock 16  available  $ 650 per cubicle station

Photo Jul 02 2023, 8 37 53 PM.jpg

Herman Miller AO2

Gray 65" high call center cubicles with power options

Stock 80 available  $ 275 per cubicle station

ais corners_edited.jpg

Herman Miller AO2

Patern design workstations. 64" high available in various configurations. 6 by 7 and 7 by 7. 

The cost per station is $ 650. Delivery and install is extra. 

54" Call Center workstations

Herman Miller AO2

Gray 54" high call cent cubicles with power options

Stock 30 available  $ 250 per cubicle station

Herman Miller AO2

Gray 65" high 6 by 6  cubicles with power optionsStock 80 available  $ 650 per cubicle station

All of our cubciles are steamed and have a new work surface with painted trim. 
bullet desk_edited_edited_edited_edited_

Bullet Desk 

Modern Bullet desk with universal returns

In espresso color 

$299 per desk w/retrun 

$150 per desk with out return 

Photo Jun 14 2023, 10 56 59

Benching Desks

Benching Desks in wood tone color. With

power grommets.  60" wide by 24" deep

seating positions. Modern design with 1/4

glass dividers.  - New closeout item. 

$400 for 2 seats. 

While supplies last 

Photo Jun 14 2023, 10 10 20

Glass Desk with Ped

White  glass that is 1/4" thick on a white frame. 

With a white mobile pedistal. All commercial grade designer front modesty. 66 by 30 desk with a grommet hole for wires. 

Cost for each is $350  4 - in stock 

Photo Jun 14 2023, 10 10 46

Semi Round Desk 

Cherry Semi-round desk. It can be used as a front desk. 48" wide on the widest point. 

The cost per item is $150 dollars - 1 in stock 

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